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5 Steps to the Perfect Pout!

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1. Water| Hydrate! Nobody likes dry chapped lips. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day will improve the finish of your lips … and not only your lips, your entire face and body too!! No lipstick will look it’s best without a good hydrated lip!

2. SPF | I know it sounds crazy but use SPF on your face and skin every single day. We all know that sun can be so damaging on our skin but so often we forget about our lips!!! Choose a balm that has SPF in it and protect that pout. I use Jack Black – lip balm and Glo Minerals – cherry balm and they both have SPF. Help those soup coolers stay younger for longer!mint balm

3. Exfoliate | I recommend using a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and get rid of any dead skin once a week. This will help smooth out the surface of your lips allowing your lip balm and lipstick to go on smoothly. There’s nothing worse than a flaky lip!!! Check out these super simple and delicious recipes

4. Teeth | I know that this is all about lips but I find the whiter and cleaner your teeth are, the better your lips will look!! With bold lip colors being all the rage right now it can make your teeth appear more yellow! Give those chiclets a once over with a whitening strip and lets those pearly whites shine!!!
5. Lipstick | Last but not least, LIPSTICK!!!! You can pick your poison here…. I prefer a matte lip myself, so I love products like Anastasia Beverley Hills liquid lipstick. These babies are amazing for a long-wearing matte finiABHsh.
It’ssmudge proof and doesn’t bleed. Liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and opaque and great for those who aren’t so gentle with their makeup throughout the day. Another fave of mine is the Glo Minerals suede matte crayon, my personal must have is the color “Trademark”.



Now GO!! Prep those pouts and pucker up… Those boys will be lining up to get a smooch!