“About 5 years ago, while filming the promo shoot for the Bachelorette season 5, I had my makeup done for the very first time. I knew something was wrong at the time and when the photos came out I was horrified. Since then I’ve hated having my makeup done – so much that I would beg production companies to let me do my own makeup. So when I was hired to be the host of Love it or List it Vancouver, it was one of the first requests I made – to do my own makeup. To my dismay, it was protocol that we have a makeup artist on set at all times and for consistency reasons I HAD to have an artist make me up everyday. I was stressed because up until that day I hadn’t loved ANY of the end results of getting my makeup done… So why would Kaitlin be any different? Boy did she prove me wrong. After just one session with her, she shocked me. She is now the ONLY person I will let do my makeup. I wish I had met her years ago! She makes it seem effortless and puts up with my squirmy and easily distracted ways.
Kaitlin doesn’t make me look different or like someone else, she makes me look like a better, more flawless me. It’s never too little or never too much – which trust me, after test driving literally dozens of makeup artists, is hard to find! Kaitlin is my little makeup angel and I love her! Xox”

Jillian Harris
Jillian HarrisLove It Or List It Vancouver

“Kaitlin does make up for some of my clients, and she also did my makeup for me today. I haven’t loved the way I look for so long! UNTIL today. She did a rockin’ good job on my face today. THANK YOU KAITLIN. I highly recommend her for all of your makeup needs! So professional, and so very talented.”

Cathy Empey
Cathy EmpeyCathy Empey Photography

“Kaitlin is an amazing make up artist. As a guy, obviously the requirements are a little less dramatic (at least should be) but I will admit that I am probably one of her most high maintenance clients. She manages to not only constantly look for new/better products but her spirit and energy on set makes everyday on LOLV a pleasure. I always think that a make up artist is part ‘shrink’ part ‘artist’ and Kaitlin encompasses both beautifully. I’ve never met anyone so obsessed with new make up bags and make up gear, a true professional and I hope she will agree to do my make up for my open casket! Love you Kaitlin”

Todd Talbot
Todd TalbotLove It Or List It Vancouver

“Kaitlin made me feel like the most beautiful bride for my wedding day. My makeup and hair were done perfectly and Kaitlin remained on guard for the evening to make sure I looked great all night long!”

Kristy Thom
Kristy Thom

“Thank you for spending so much time with me yesterday – listening keenly to what I was wanting and providing your own thoughts when (often!) I didn’t know what to do! I very much appreciate how you implemented a very light touch with the makeup application. I was very satisfied that I didn’t feel a gloopy foundation mask on my face, that the tones were evened out and that it just “polished” off a very natural look to my face. I’m really looking forward to a repeat of the same on our wedding day! I also love what we will do with my hair! I can’t believe that hairspray – my curls are still in after a night of sleep, my hair feels soft and touchable.”