5 Steps to the Perfect Pout!

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1. Water| Hydrate! Nobody likes dry chapped lips. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day will improve the finish of your lips … and not only your lips, your entire face and body too!! No lipstick will look it’s best without a good hydrated lip!

2. SPF | I know it sounds crazy but use SPF on your face and skin every single day. We all know that sun can be so damaging on our skin but so often we forget about our lips!!! Choose a balm that has SPF in it and protect that pout. I use Jack Black – lip balm and Glo Minerals – cherry balm and they both have SPF. Help those soup coolers stay younger for longer!mint balm

3. Exfoliate | I recommend using a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and get rid of any dead skin once a week. This will help smooth out the surface of your lips allowing your lip balm and lipstick to go on smoothly. There’s nothing worse than a flaky lip!!! Check out these super simple and delicious recipes

4. Teeth | I know that this is all about lips but I find the whiter and cleaner your teeth are, the better your lips will look!! With bold lip colors being all the rage right now it can make your teeth appear more yellow! Give those chiclets a once over with a whitening strip and lets those pearly whites shine!!!
5. Lipstick | Last but not least, LIPSTICK!!!! You can pick your poison here…. I prefer a matte lip myself, so I love products like Anastasia Beverley Hills liquid lipstick. These babies are amazing for a long-wearing matte finiABHsh.
It’ssmudge proof and doesn’t bleed. Liquid lipstick is highly pigmented and opaque and great for those who aren’t so gentle with their makeup throughout the day. Another fave of mine is the Glo Minerals suede matte crayon, my personal must have is the color “Trademark”.



Now GO!! Prep those pouts and pucker up… Those boys will be lining up to get a smooch!

Brush Cleaning 101

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img_2226b2Cleaning your makeup brushes is soooooo important. Brushes collect bacteria, dead skin sells and old makeup! Who wants to rub that all over their face? Nobody !!

As a makeup artist I am constantly cleaning brushes. When I first started makeup, for big wedding parties I used to spot clean my brushes with alcohol/brush cleaner and a paper towel so I could use them again right away. I’ve now accumulated so many that I can rotate them and shampoo them after each application.  It is important to be sanitary with all your clients and you never want to cross contaminate !

As a makeup wearer, I have my own personal set of brushes. These I do not wash after every application, I shampoo once a week or so. Washing brushes used to be such a gruelling task, taking forever and ending with soggy wrinkly fingers. Now there are such simple easy ways to wash them it’s almost sort of fun…  In a weird satisfying way :)

What you’ll need

*Dish soap – I use Palmolive green apple

*A rubber kitchen glove (the kind with grooves on it)

*Three small hand towels

*Dirty brushes and warm water!

If you are a makeup nut and have lots of brushes – Group your brushes together in type and size (powder brushes for blush/face powder, wet brushes like concealer/lip brushes, eye shadow brushes, and eyeliner/eyebrow brushes.)

If you only have one of each type of brush then you’re already set!!

Take one towel and fold it hot dog style until it’s about 3 inches wide. Lay this on your counter top. Take your other towel and lay flat beside the sink.

Run the water, warm NOT hot. Hot will eventually take its toll on your brushes and you want to extend the life of those babies as long as you can!! Think of makeup brushes like your own hair !

Step 1.  Put the kitchen glove on your non dominant hand. I put soap in a pump so it’s easier ! Pump a SMALL bit of soap onto the glove then pick up one group of brushes (4 at a time max). Wet the brush hairs keeping the brush hairs facing downwards.

Step 2. Lather those puppies up ! As you lather, every few seconds run under the glove under the water Then lather again. Keep doing this until the lather is white!!

Step 3. RINSE!! Rinse well. If you don’t get all the soap out it leaves a film on your brushes. Eww. Once there’s no more soap residue. Gently Squeeze the brush hairs to get out excess water. Lay them flat on the towel. Repeat with all your brushes !

Step 4. Once all your brushes are squeaky clean, use that 3rd towel to pat dry. Gently squeeze

the brush inside the towel (don’t pull). Lay flat on the folded towel with the brush head hanging over the edge. This will allow air to flow through and dry the brushes faster without bending the hairs and compromising the shape!

You’re all done!! Let dry overnight and Enjoy your beautifully cleaned brushes !!

* Tips *

Do not run the water over the ferrule (metal part of the brush) if you get water between the brush handle and the ferrule it will cause rusting and will eventually loosen the glue. Nobody likes when they’re 40$ brush falls apart of the hairs start falling out. :( I’ve had some of my brushes for 8 years and they’re still going strong !

if your concealer and lip brushes are really packed with heavy makeup, take

Some olive oil on a paper towel and gentle massage the brushes in it. The oil will break down the makeup beautifully, after this step shampoo as normal.