Makeup & Hair FAQ’s


Makeup & Hair FAQ’s

What is your minimum fee for bookings?

Please see Bookings and Payments for details on booking minimums.

What if someone decides they wants their makeup or hair done on the day?

We understand there are times when not everyone in your group will have booked a service by our team. If on the event day those people change their minds or would like a quick touch up we will try our best to accommodate their requests if time permits! The fee for a touch up is $20.00. Please note this is a not a full makeup, examples of touch ups include;
*Lipstick application
*False lash application
*Eye makeup or eyebrow refining
*Foundation/concealer application
*Hair finishing touches

How do I prepare for my big day?

HYDRATE! Drink lots of water before your upcoming appointment to help flush out all the toxins and avoid dull looking skin
SLEEP! Give yourself some relaxation time and head to bed early. I suggest taking a gravol or melatonin 8 hours before you need to be up, this will help you fall asleep and stay asleep when those nerves are trying to keep you up.

Please arrive with clean, dry hair, do not flat iron or put a lot of product in.

Please arrive without makeup… moisturizers are serums are OK!!

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! Our team provides all products used in your makeup and hair application so unless you have an absolute favourite product you’d like to bring, we have you covered. (That includes eyelashes!)

The only thing we ask is that you’ve prepared a space for us to work, ideally a spot near a window with natural light and a space that has a table or desktop we can work off of. We provide tall makeup chairs but if you have a regular height chair for hairstyling that would be appreciated (preferably with a low back or no arms).

Should I have a trial?

Trials are included in our bridal makeup and hair service to ensure things go smoothly on the day. This leaves plenty of time for you to decide if you’d like to make any changes and gives you the opportunity to try out a couple different looks. Trials for moms or bridesmaids are also offered upon request. Tip* Bring photos of your dress/outfit and an inspiration photo of makeup and/or hair. If you are using hair accessories please also bring those.

Where are the trials held and when should I book it for?

Trials are held at my in home studio in Willoughby, Langley. Book your trial 1-2 months before the event and schedule it on the day of a dress fitting, bachelorette party or night out. You’ll be all done up so you mind as well make use of it!!

How do I make a booking?

Please fill out the form on the contact page or email makeup@kaitlinhargreaves.com with your details (booking date, location, the number of services you require and time you need to be ready for). Once you’ve received a quote and contract from us you can send over the deposit and your booking will be confirmed!

How many people can be accommodated on the day?

Our team can cater to any size party. Whether its just the bride alone or the bride, eight bridesmaids and two moms, we have you covered. We have a great team of the best stylists and as long as there is enough notice we can fit you all in!

How long do the services take?

We like to complete all services an hour before you need to leave and we quote 45-50 mins per service. We find this gives us enough time to tidy our station between clients and leaves you plenty of time to get changed and do any last minute things.

How should I schedule the day's services?

Ideally hair gets done first and makeup last and in a perfect world the brides makeup is done at the very end.

I have sensitive skin, what products do you carry in your kit?

We have a wide range of products and brands to cater to your specific needs. In the case where you have certain skin allergy or sensitivity concerns, please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss prior to the event. If you prefer to bring some of your own products you are welcome to. 

Do I need products to touch up with throughout the day?

I have long lasting lip products that are near bulletproof, but if you’d like to bring your own lip color and have it to touch up with thats also fine. Blotting papers or powder compacts are also great to keep the shine away.

Can I change my booking numbers at a later date?

After a deposit has been made the number of services may be increased (if time and availability allow) but may not be reduced. If someone is unable to receive their service you may replace that person with someone else. It is best to try and be as accurate as possible when booking.

How early should I book you for my wedding?

We accept bookings as early as 12 months prior to the day. Most brides book 6-12 months in advance but we do accept last minute bookings if we have availability, however we are on a first come first serve basis so as soon as your date is confirmed it’s best to contact us!

Brand Collaboration FAQ’s

What companies do you partner with?

It is important to me that I maintain authenticity and trust with my followers, and for this reason I only partner with companies providing a product that I can personally endorse.

What are your rates for social posts?

I prefer to approach every opportunity on a case-by-case basis and cater each package to your brand’s specific needs. If you would like to view our rate card for our base fees on past collaborations, please email kaitlin@kaitlinhargreaves.com.

Can I send you my products?

I love learning about new products! If you would like to send me something to try please email media@kaitlinhargreaves.com. If I love your product I may mention/tag your company but please be aware this is not a partnership and there is no guarantee of a social post or shout out.

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