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Ok… so normally my blogs don’t venture into the kitchen…. but today…. we bake! And the best part is this recipe requires only 2 ingredients, 5 minutes, and no appliances!

Baking Backstory – baking is a technique commonly used in drag makeup. It’s when you liberally apply powder on top of your concealer/foundation and it’s left on the skin to “bake”. It’s purpose was to set your makeup for longevity, those queens be sweatin up a storm on stage.

Most of us don’t wear full drag makeup everyday (sad face., drag makeup is wicked) but this technique can also benefit the everyday makeup wearer ! Baking is amazing, particularly for people with oily skin or people who who have trouble with creasing or their makeup wearing off quickly.

Technically You can bake anywhere on your face, but for the sake of simplifying this tutorial, let’s talk under eye!

Take out that trusty concealer and apply it under your eyes in a “V” shape . Blend blend blend that liquid gold in!! (In my opinion the beauty blender is essential for this) Once you’ve blended and there is no pooling of concealer in those fine lines, take your damp sponge and press it into some translucent powder. My favourite is the Laura Mercier Under eye brightening powder , the press it into the area you’ve just concealed. DON’T WIPE, press the power in with a tapping motion.

Here is where the term “baking” comes in, leave this thick layer of powder on for at least 2 minutes ! The method behind this madness is that the heat from your skin warms the concealer and powder and “bakes” it together into place! Once the2 or 3 minutes is up, take a big powder brush and lightly dust off all the excess. Then contour, bronze and blush as normal!

That’s pretty much the long and short of it ! Pretty simple eh??

Baking - Kaitlin Hargreaves


Liquid foundation wearers – proceed with your foundation application as normal, once you’re all even and flawless start concealing and then bake.

powder foundation wearers – conceal and bake FIRST, then when you’re done baking apply your powder foundation and wipe off the excess powder at the same time!

You can also bake other areas of your face, if you’re oily this keeps your makeup in place longer throughout the day.

If you have excessively dry skin, or if you like a very natural look to your makeup, make sure to hydrate and moisturize those eyes… but in the end, baking may not be for you.

? Good luck beauties!

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