Color Correcting

Color Correcting

All color correcting is, is simple color theory! So to break it down, first take a look at your skin and locate your trouble areas. Remember that not all of us will be the exact same, so what works for your bestie or your sister may not work for you!

Dark under eye circles are usually the most common complaint. Now, A lot of people commonly use the term “under eye bags” when in reality they are referring to their dark under eye circles… many people confuse the two. Dark circles are bluish purple half circles under your eyes, while under eye bags are puffy swollen lower lids and typically aren’t dark at all, but actually appear lighter in color. So, take a closer look and decipher what you’ve got going on and then pick the colour that works best for you.

Orange: If you have really deep blue under eyes you want to look at the opposite color on that color wheel – so go with a more orange corrector to neutralize that blue. This also works for a darker skin tone.

Yellow: If your under eye’s are on the more purple side of blue – try a corrector with a yellow hue. This also helps allover mild redness.

Peach: For fair skin – try peach. This cancels dark circles and dark spots for light/fair skin tones.

Green: Blemishes – Green also works for Rosacea, sunburns, or broken capillaries.

Lavender: This colour will brighten up areas that appear dull or sallow.

Color Correcting

Now that you’ve corrected the problem, you can go in with your foundation and concealer as normal. Doing this color correcting step will keep your skin looking even without having to layer a ton of makeup on!

Pro Tip – Be precise – only color correct the areas you wish to neutralize. Do not bring the corrector out past the problem area. Tap and press your concealer over top of the corrected areas. (You can bring the concealer outside the corrected zone to blend seamlessly with the rest of your face). Do not wipe and rub – Tapping product over the corrector will ensure it doesn’t move around underneath.

This color wheel can also help you determine your skins undertone when choosing a foundation!

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